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Auckland Region - Sailing & Island Hopping

The most populous, and prosperous, region of New Zealand, Auckland stretches from the base of Northland, 穿过北奥克兰半岛, 到怀卡托河口.  The Hauraki Gulf 位于该地区的东海岸, to the west, the natural harbours of Kaipara and Manukau stretch out into the Tasman Sea.  The climate is generally sub-tropical - humid and hot in summer, mild and damp in winter, and the weather will often dictate your itinerary for the day! 
The Auckland region is home to 35% of New Zealand's entire population. 毛利人的遗产在这里很强大, and the area is a living example of the country's ethnic diversity - the heady mix of Pacific, Asian and European cultures is reflected in the endless variety of shops, restaurants, museums and festivals, ensuring you'll never be short of something to do.

Auckland City

Known as The City of Sails, Auckland capitalises on its seafaring roots - the America's Cup yacht race has been hosted here, and Auckland has the highest proportion of boats-per-capita.  A half hour drive in any direction, and you could find yourself tasting wine in a vineyard, tramping through a rainforest, hiking up a volcano, or surfing on a wild, sandy beach.  There are also 22 conservation parks within easy reach of downtown Auckland, that offer more than 500km of walking tracks.

The downtown city centre area is easy to get around.  Head to the Britomart and Queenstreet for shopping, and for lunch and dinners, enjoy the harbour views of the Viaduct Harbour or Wynyard Quarter.  Read our downtown guide for inspiration.
History And Culture

A visit to the Auckland Region wouldn't be complete without learning a little of its history. The 奥克兰战争纪念博物馆 holds the world's finest collection of Maori treasures, whilst the New Zealand National Maritime Museum offers up some fascinating facts about the country's seafaring past.  See history come to life with a trip out to the Howick Historical Village,这里重现了早期的奥克兰.

For culture vultures, the Auckland City Art Gallery boasts an impressive collection of important New Zealand art, and is just one of the many exhibition spaces dotted around the region.  The Auckland Biennial takes place at venues throughout the area and features music, dance and visual arts.
Beyond The City

Auckland offers some great areas to explore and enjoy from hopping around the Hauraki Gulf Islands 到前往郊区 Mission Bay, Parnell, and Ponsonby.  从奥克兰市中心乘坐渡轮很短, Devonport is a popular destination for both residents and tourists, who come here to enjoy the good selection of bars and restaurants at the harbourside, 然后跳上晚上的船回家.  Devonport is also where you can take a stroll up Mount Victoria 欣赏对面壮观的景色 Auckland City 

Auckland's east coast has many white, sandy beaches, most of which are suitable for swimming.  距奥克兰以西仅40分钟路程 Waitakere Ranges provide 40,000英亩的雨林和崎岖的海岸线, 250km of walking tracks, 还有一些令人叹为观止的瀑布.  For surfers, the west coast 你想去哪里尝试一下RIPS Piha Beach (40km) or Muriwai Beach (50km).
Island Hopping

大多数新西兰人羡慕的对象, the people of Auckland regularly spend their holidays hopping between the fifty or so islands situated out in the bays.  The largest of these - Waiheke and Great Barrier, are served by regular air and ferry services. Waiheke Island is known as the Island of Wine because of the numerous vineyards situated here. 
Rangitoto Island 实际上是一座休眠火山.  这个岛是受保护的荒野, popular with hikers, and there are guided tours to take visitors around the intriguing lava caves, 岩层和波胡图卡瓦森林. Great Barrier Island - known simply as 'The Barrier', is one of the most tranquil and unspoiled spots in New Zealand.  The hot springs, mountains and kauri forests are popular with walkers and nature-lovers, 他们大多住在众多的小屋中的一个, campsites and cottages dotted about the island. Tiri Tiri Matangi Island is an open nature reserve, 30km from Auckland and a popular day trip for birdwatchers and conservationists.

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